Oyster Boy Review 02  
  March 1995
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Editor's Note

Damon Sauve

Many fine people have helped to produce this second issue of Oyster Boy. Eric Hurley in D.C. and Tina Cobo in Gainesville hot-footed about town tacking up flyers back in October. Numerous writers, represented or not within these pages, submitted their work: without their efforts, Oyster Boy could not exist. Eric, Tina, and Melissa McAbee in Chapel Hill, gratiously provided much needed enthusiasm. James Peeler, who accompanied me on several dissolute nights in Chapel Hill, and Robert Cucinotta, a cohort from the first issue, are currently traversing Mexico by bus. I wish them luck and look forward to their stories of gold and tequila for the Fall issue. Back in the swamp, Jay Jansheski tooled away with his air-brush to offer a glimpse at the squalid provenance of creation. One final note, the advertisers in this issue placed considerable faith in me and this thing called Oyster Boy. I encourage the support of local businesses that back independent publications like this one. Like Purvis said, "You'd be surprised what you can do with an oyster."