Oyster Boy Review 03  
  October 1995
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Chris Stafford

I been working a lot, not making lots of money
Mostly now I'm just wearing t-shirts from the places I've been
I don't go to new places or look into new faces
Hold my breath, quiet, cry and try to count to ten
Cry and try real slow, it's hard to count to ten.
Remember when the ball wasn't over
Listen to when the band still played
Learn a lot and sleep a lot more less
I dream about the times we've made.
Dream about the times my friends have said, prayed,
"I'll always be your brother, Johnny."
She said, "I'll always be the only one
Who'll hold steady, still and true
While you walk and fly away
Try and walk away
While you walk all over me
Even learn to walk all over you."
Most of all I remember Will
Who, how he told me, said still and true,
"Remember this, boy
You have to try to let go
You have to try and hold on too."