Oyster Boy Review 04  
  Spring 1996
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Crossing Lee St.

Evan Smith

Down the street is a tire place, a dry
cleaner, and a pornographic novelty
shop. Across Lee Street are a used record
store, a motorcycle repair, a massage
parlor and a factory where disabled
people make light bulbs and mops. Then railroad
tracks-on the other side is the post office,
a few restaurants, a convenience store
and the art gallery on the corner.
It has a few Rauschenbergs, a Dekooning,
a Matisse exhibit, some of Phillip
Gustin's work, and a heap of Warhols.
A library towers in the middle
of the area. Near the archives with Randall
Jarrell's collected papers and letters,
is an aerial photograph from 1927.
Our house is in the picture, in the bottom
left, on the edge of the frame.