Oyster Boy Review 07  
  September 1997
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For Joe Bolton

Joe Bolton Bibliography

Damon Sauve

Poetry Collections

Days of Summer Gone. Master's thesis, University of Florida, Gainesville, 1988. 52 leaves (typescript).

Bolton's MA thesis resides at the Special Collections Library at the University of Florida and contains both the material from the two poetry collections cited below, as well as two additional poems—"Towards Twenty-Four" and "In Pieces." The Bolton poem in this issue, "The Summer Loves," is taken from the version of Breckinridge County Suite in this manuscript.

Breckinridge County Suite: A Poem to a Young Kentucky Woman. Omaha, Nebraska: Cummington Press, 1989.

Bolton's first published poetry collection was limited to two hundred fifteen copies. A slightly different version of this poem was published in the Spring 1987 issue of Crazyhorse.

Days of Summer Gone. Baltimore, Maryland: Galileo Press, 1990.

An Acknowledgements page cites the 19 literary journals in which all 33 published poems first appeared. This publication list, as well as Roth's American Poetry Annual (published, fortuitously, between 1988 and 1990) and Bolton's contributors notes, were used to assemble this bibliography.

Book Reviews & Critical Essays

[Unsigned review of Days of Summer Gone]. Small Press Book Review vol. 6 (1991 March-April): 8.

"Even when he turns to rowdier, more livelier subjects . . . the poet still sees such delicacy at the heart of the situation and its characters . . . Sometimes, this sense of delicacy . . . leads to a collapse of appearances and sudden disclosure of what they are trying to conceal or disguise. The present is, well, merely the present; it takes form mainly by the light of the past."

"Days of Summer Gone: This is One of Them." Driscoll, Chad. Oyster Boy Review 2 (1995 March): 17-23.

Noting Bolton's influence, Driscoll writes, "To read what he has left behind, to live with it for many years as I have, makes life a sadder thing, yes—but a thing more true as well, and therefore more worth living. That's no small feat." The essay accompanies the two Bolton poems which were ommitted from Days (noted in MA thesis citation above).


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"Weightlifter Poems." Plainsong 6.1 (1985 Winter): 19-23.

Contributors section notes: "Scarab devoted most of a recent issue to his poems."

"After Rain" & "Speaking of the South: 1961." The Missouri Review 9.2 (1985-1986): 201-203.

"Three Scenes from the Provinces of Blood" & "Party." Crazyhorse 31 (1986 Fall): 32-36.

"Towards Twenty-Four." Black Warrior Review 13.1 (1986 Fall): 69-70.

"Breckinridge County Suite: To A Young Kentucky Woman" & "Party." Crazyhorse 32 (1987 Spring): 44-63.

Contributors section notes: "he has recently married and lives in Gainesville, Florida."

"The Seasons: A Quartet" & "Fathers and Sons." Black Warrior Review 14.2 (1987 Spring): 28-32.

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"American Variations" & "A Wreath of Stars: Symsonia, Kentucky, 1914." Southern Poetry Review 27.2 (1987 Fall): 5-8.

Recipient of the magazine's Guy Owen Poetry Prize. Contributors section notes another recent award: "First Prize, Jacksonville Poetry Festival."

"The Southern Quartet: Improvisations on Themes from Vallejo's Trilce." The Chattahoochee Review 8.1 (1987 Fall): [4 pp].

Includes: "In Search of the Other World," "In Atlanta Once," "Days of Summer Gone," & "Lament on New Year's Day."

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Titled "Study" in Days of Summer Gone.

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"Hurricane" & "Little Testament." Indiana Review 12.2 (1989 Spring): 109, 111.

"Elegy for Roland Barthes." Poetry 154.2 (1989 May): 63-64.

Contributors section notes: "earned a BA at Western Kentucky University and an MA in creative writing at the University of Florida . . . An instructor at the University of Arizona, he received a fellowship from the NEA this year."

"Elegy at Summer's End." The New Criterion 7.9 (1989 May): 51.

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Contributors section notes: "died, by suicide, in March 1990 . . . Days of Summer Gone appeared posthumously from Galileo Press. The poems in this issue are from another substantial manuscript."

"Near." Denver Quarterly 25.3 (1991 Winter): 6-7.

"Towards Twenty-Four" & "In Pieces." Oyster Boy Review 2 (1995 March): 24-27.

Unavailable Publications

Colorado Review

Gulf Coast: "The Changes" & "Two Songs of Solitude and Lament"

Hayden's Ferry Review: "The Blue World"

High Plains Literary Review: "Ode to a Relative I Never Met"

Nebraska Review: "One World"

Northcoast View Monthly Magazine: "Photograph: Being Sad . . ." & "Plain Talk"

Plainsong: "Distance"

Quarterly West: "Black Water"


Stone Country: "The Story" & "Your Sex"

Tampa Review