Oyster Boy Review 11  
  April 1999
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Love Poems to Amy

Ricky Garni

I never find my
                bed empty

when you are

it.  except when you
                are in it
reading t.s.
eliot especially
t.s. eliot's
                "the wasteland."

in it.

so far, you haven't done that.
I love you.


love poem #2 to amy

but when you have
                finished reading

t.s. eliot: LOOK UP!

there's mozart,
according to wallace stevens,

in a poem

by him.  stones upon

the roots of arpeggios;

in bed


love poem nyet française but
in english à amy, amie:

yes, I will touch your foot.

here is a pillow, it is smooth,

#4 love poem (in a series of 4) to amy
signed by the artist, printed in garamond
type, sz #14 pt.

I love when people talk of stones
and say of them that
they are smooth or of jacob
and esau:

one smooth, one hairy.

only a pillow is truly smooth, I mean truth.
                or I could mean love.  I am

I believe in three things:

                and here is a pillow,

                and here is my sleep,

                and here is reason, not dead—

                                                                for keeps.

I tell you in love—my bed is never truly empty.