Oyster Boy Review 11  
  April 1999
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What's So

Will Inman

what's so works with diamonds and dung
fresh rosin and fossil amber are contemporaries
chaos and cosmos dance a love-hate duo
harmony masks the face of paradox

keep hunting god behind the scenes
or crouching like a bee in hearts of flowers
can a flower's beauty impregnate god
what would come from such a fat lady

we keep straining at surfaces.  well, it's all
there but never disconnected from what's under
who can reduce elementals to less than process
who climbs down root of resonance into living dark

it's all alive and laughing in our viscera
we refuse to accept mocking from our own parts
laughter won't mock unless denied, we turn
waking into wanton denial, sheep eating tygers

what's so sings with terror and triumph
being raw naked opens us to rainbows
transcendence never escorts anyone to bliss
longer than a little while.  dread is one-half caliper