Oyster Boy Review 11  
  April 1999
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The Seal

Jamal Lally

i BE Thee—
The first Adam (/Atom).
Last molecular Millenium.
more unstable than berrilium, when under intense pressure—
known to snap out of sleep and peep the Idol on my dressor.
Its got no shape, Its got no weight, no matter—rather worse
this is kalled the Kurse of Kingu and Thought Worship ritual.
crossin' religious bounderies this disease is mutual.
You see gradually, we all concieve a biased God
Who is personal, portable, and do whatever you feel like doin' affordable—

                    ya' right thats sort-a-bull!

pull in my conception, plus your conception
and multiply that by the Four cardinal directions
and the sum is a stun, over 5 billion Gods.
Puttin' the pious at odds.
Abraham's Children would find that hard to explain
and a Hindu Pantheon appears reduced to shame.
Vain imagination, prostrating before illusions
but how does a God loving soul pierce through this confusing—

                    spiritual anarchy?

well can the created comprehend the Creator?—Hardly never!
Severing all ties with with what you have been told
breaking on out of that self-centered mold.
Like old wine bottles gettin' bursted by the new

                    relative motion coincide relevant True.

I wonder what happened to Osiris, wonder what happened to Zeus?
Did Horace and Seth ever finally reach a truce?
Or what about Artemis, Mercury, Marduk, Ishtar, etc
Asklepios, Imhotep, Utnapishtim, Elegba, and Shango?
Or other dieties who were relevant long ago, we go
from projecting internal states of a single human soul
out inta'da' universe, to looking inside our own window

                    where we now Know

that war and peace aint dieties, they are a part of ya' own intro!
See this is the flow, and the flux of Religious Evolution,
progressive contribution to what you now think is real
as we all rotate around the great Ezekiel's Wheel
while climbing Jacob's Ladder gathering Fruits up the shoots
and spriral stair case of histories merits
engraved on a crystalite terrace
which some cherish, some are embarassed, and to others seem like scars.
The most recent additions include Stars, Wheels, Crosses, and Cresents.
For ultimately quote-unquote

                    God is an unknowable Essence
and to attain His Pressence—find and follow the Lessons and Blessins'

                    of the Messenger, Avatar, Oresha, Manifestation.

Because the Cause is Revelation and the result is Renosaince.
Response and reply—
You see the tie, between creature
and Creator is Teacher
of the Earth, aka Social Principalties
and Maker of Heaven, New Mystical Realities
which will soon be rent usunder
by the Coming quiet riot of the next Lightning and Thunder.
For storms abollish forms and bring down the rain.
Where the terrain is the scroll, the Perfect Soul is the Pen
and soon before ya' know it,

                    its Spring once again!
Of course we speaking in time more aligned with geology.
For from an arial view we observe that the topography clears.
And every thousand odd years another Mountain appears
and we all climb the summit.
Just thought I'd let you know that I've recently done it.
Some profit and some plummit—
I pause for one momment with a question:

What could all these advances in civilization possibly BE from?

Goat-skin drum roll
for the grand entrance of the long awaited Royal Redeemer
who came and exodused cleaner than a Thief in the night.
Those with eyes more than sight might attain slight detection,
but still there remains no global reception.
Just a second in

                                      the Mirror
gonna' open up

                    the SeaL of our perception.