Oyster Boy Review 17  
  Fall 2003
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What Would Christ Say?


Waiting in line to sniff
      a rare purple orchid
            in Milwaukee Horticultural Dome
Thinking how many noses a day
      bend to inhale
            its heavenly scent
It occurs to me
Christ doesn't have a problem with this, but
If there were people waiting in lines
      before each beautiful boy and girl,
            waiting to smell
      their naked bodies all over
            what would Christ think?
Would Christ be for or against
      myriad human noses
            waiting to savor
      fragrance of hair, breath,
            armpits, genitals, buttocks
      of teens in the flower of youth?
What would Christ say
If flowers could smell
      and rose from the ground
            in huge bouquets
      to whiff boys and girls,
If mobs of just-open irises jostled
      to smell a girl's tumescent breasts?
If trilliums as far as the eye could see
      trembled as it came closer
            to being their turn
      to inhale a boy's cock as it gets stiff?