Oyster Boy Review 17  
  Fall 2003
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Napkin Folding Art vs. Ejaculation Folding Art


Just as there's an art to folding table napkins
      into fancy shapes on ocean liners,
So there's an art to folding cocks
      into fancy shapes in the buccal orifice,
So lips, cheek, mouth, jaw, tongue can flute
      ejaculating sperm into exquisite shapes
            as it bursts
      so the interior of the fellator's mouth
            receives the spurts of come
In the shape of a soaring eagle
      or leaping dolphin
            or full-sail clippership
      with figurehead of naked boy ejaculating
            or white marble statute of a naked girl
      embraced by the boygod
            as she turns into a tree
      or a miniature scale-model
            of the Parthenon in moonlight
      complete with temple doors opening
            to glimpse inside
      or in the shape of fallen leaves in a pool
            reflecting silhouettes of trees they fell from
      and the stars.