Oyster Boy Review 17  
  Fall 2003
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From "Coromandel"

Thomas Meyer

Pink and blue set fire to the trees as I walk to breakfast from dream.
Come let us go said the one to the other and people took pictures.
Include. Include. Earth feeds our feet with travel. Something moves. It is us.
The world must remain the world. Yachts into harbors. Storms still brew.
The lands roll as though it and it alone were music. A mandolin touches the air.
Sun. Moon. Public domain. Jerusalem built here. Sparkling blue.
Bright jewel of fire and water. We run naked through ferns. Legs all dusty.
Alla balla whisky. Chinese salt. Trouble the waters. Weary soul. Thank the honey bee.
Howl in the night. Moon. A man stands with arms reaching out to both oceans.
She smoothes her hair and puts another record on. Fly away. Be at rest.
A map. A line. A fragment. My hand. My eye. Certain things. Certain plans.
Dusk. Pick locks. Pack bags. I hear his voice among the roses and shadows.
A fly. Warm September. This. America. Blue approximate pacific a lotus floats upon.
In comes the doctor. Nurse. Lady with. A photograph buried in the heart unthought of.
Sweet time. Pen in hand. Not the bird but the bird's admonition.
Your eyes glint. Cellophane. Butterflies. Violins. They were really only apples.
What if. This was. A boy runs in the garden. An ape inside me discovers fire every day.
Phoenicians sail between the hills upon a love none can hold. Nor can it hold any.
Late gray afternoon air music rides. Crickets. Explorers row ashore and smile.
A house because you can come and go night and day. A star shines in the window.
Do you remember when I. A picture on a matchbook. We find love calls on us.
Horizons forever mysteries. Sun down. The soul lives in redness. A tent. Trees.
Sappho in the afternoon. Day obeys the moon's commands. Yellow leaves. Coins.
The first frost may destroy. Watch out. Sweet. Early. Delicate. Apple blossom.
Walk into my heart. I say China. I say Greece. Clarified the stone moves into his blood.
Beauty's arrangement. Perpetual. Severe. Antique beekeeper. Rutabaga. Turnip.
Sit in shade under a tree on grass near water's edge. Inanna's guest. An Indian summer.
Gray car filled with amber bees and diamond wasps glides into the market place.
Crickets. Open September window. The moon last night thundered in my eyes.
Dreaming I wander somewhere else where friends are lovers and pale in that light.
The silence in silence the mind mirrors. Shift the light source. Land to sea. Infinity.
Medusa thinks green mambas. Cranes call. A pear. A plough. White jasmine.
Because they tell. A blue grotto. First window. Reflections. Enter. Turn back.
Lock unlocked. Open door. Anubis. Let me look upon my soul and my shadow.
He disturbs the silent glass. The lace. Unseen. Sown ripples in the wooden pail.
Fistful of water. Boat. River. Closed mouth. Pressed lips. Map the heart's demand.
Run. Go. Find him. The world a necklace. Let what's seen fall from an open palm.
Wrong turns. Rhapsody. Sound where the finger lifts. A cathedral. And birds.
Beanstalk. Tibet. Other side. One touch. Jewel weed explodes. Another axis.
Someone calls the dog Rover. Lovers sealed in a tomb. Bite the chariot's axle.
Yellow jewel. Thunder. Waterfall. Flashes. Let Parzifal out. Mere shadow parting.
Bend light. Solid stone. But porous. City inside facets. Only the naked enter.
We came to see stars and saw heaven. I reach across a continent to touch you.
Upright. Steady. Altogether new. A woman stands in the kitchen. Milk jug in hand.
Stars' distances fade. We return to a rock beyond a waterfall. A geography love completes.
Mosquito bites. Sun in the eyes. Pieces on the floor. The way things are. Broken jug.
Gladiola filled gondolas. Two thoughts held at once but not joined. Doubled. Married.
Conversations poolside. Ages pass before I can make my way to the car that awaits me.
Blossoms. Novas. I come home to find candles lit in windows. Open doors. Dancing.
Morning dissolves on sunlight's horizon. Arms filled with flowers. I get into the boat.
Clingsor. Then Cundry. Caviar. Toast points. Capers. Onions. Hard boiled egg.
Where do wishes go? The moon. Wrap. Hide. Baby in a basket adrift. A distant radio.
Blackberry jam. Jewel in a jar. Pine tree takes the bird's flight. One last look.
Icarus. Knossos. The car hums. Gears shift. Up a hill. Sunnier pastures.
Set aside the moon and walk out. Heliotrope. Armies cross the hills. Fire in their eyes.
Set the old self on a shelf to gather dust. Hide. Hide. Cries the bird. Looks like rain.
Walk up the spine. Arrive and leave. Simple tantra. No less subtle than a chair.
Rain falls into this sentence. Summer. A part of speech. Language disguised as weather.
Real. Unreal. Snow falls which side of this window? Doors that will or won't. Open.
Tongues our mothers wagged. Be. Bring. Blow. Bramble. Timber. Comb. Red. Robin.
Same old story. Bring in the boughs. Open up the kitchen. Evergreen morning.
A cow calls her calf. True star to steer by. An odd courage. Cloudless. Bell sound.
The chair I sit on sighs. Cushion gives up. Arms sell out. Tin foil. Margarine. Death.
Separate distinct but repeated parts speak. Lift love like a polished globe's reflecting.
Awful light. I hear them now. They call. I run. Bat of an eye. Come back. Twilight.
I see a sea of seas and saw the season. Elegant Sanskrit. Here. Write. Dearly beloved.
His soul departs. A lover slips from his sleeping arms. Far beyond metaphor.
Come quick bright air. Celebrate the dew. The day. Smoke and light. Gentle heart.
Not something won. But something found out. It lay inside so long. A jewel. Wine red.
Ox eye daisies. Yellow centers. White petals. Fire does what love does to the eyes.
Three dark cowled figures on the porch. Sun latches the eyes. A sweet comfort. Breath.
Each moment a mosque made limitless by shadow. Pines. Rain. A silver bullet.
The flame in the wine speaks. Sleep fills with endless yards of black vinyl. Dreamlessly.
Love's ease rains through songs. A unicorn caught in the fence several summers ago.
Heartbreak. Daughter lost. But returns on a hare's back. A moment that never arrives.
Bonfires. Hydrangea. Met at a wood within a wood. Bewitched by summer's romance.
Mistaken pronouns. Veiled complexity. Love brings what? Messages without senders.
Shape in the air. Light under a chair. A vole. Window ajar. A song heard before.
The jar breaks. Large department store. Which floor leads to morning. To see sun again.
Branches catch daylight and hold it. A girl lays the moon in her lap. Wind. Leaves.
Sandalwood purifies the house. A bell sounds. Heavy sleep. A lust for lust itself quivers.
Pearls. Sapphires. Diamonds. Shoelaces. Necklaces. Moon's canker. June abounds.
Come and go all the dark night long. My soul. A gold no more gold derives from. Footfall.
An end. A gate. Pass though. Into circuses of light. Opulent vowels lie down. Dazzling.
Blue sweater. Tiny crystal around the neck. Two mysterious gifts the icy air holds out.
Branches on water. Not far from land. Open the oven door and see a rainbow there.
Who will help me plant the grain. Reap the wheat. Bake the bread. Quick. Bright. Bird.
A salmon my father. My mother a pine. Rain and mist cloud my eyes. A buried crow.
A dark heavy love fills the air. Whole rooms fall away whose occupants wave goodbye.
Her words' noiseless machinery draws the veil. Spider silk makes her a throne.
Try to map the stars. Under the terror in these eyes I see success. A great work begins.
I am dead. My head made of copper. Snakes in my belly. Burning. Burning. Burning.
Her eye's azure lid conceals. Unimpaired. Just now. Late afternoon. Someone. Gone.
My homesick alien heart. Measures unfilled. Not empty enough. A personal pronoun.
Alone. The house. Myself. Daydream. Each consonant halts. The sun's refraction. Vowels.
Sweet water. Seeded milk. Rich flesh. All of India covers me when I yawn. Last note. Next.
Awake now here. Certain corners turned. The actual somehow made sacred. Not blocking.
Separate shadows. Thick from thin. The bay where Epypt flows. An amulet and mighty fortress.
Desire. Stuff. Nothing. Destroy the world with doors. Include movement. Eyes ripe. Ready to eat.
I take off my clothes. I take off my heart. I take my mind off. Patterns wavering. On water.