The Sewing of Clothes Made of Star Flowers

Visit the interior of the earth;
by purifying you will find the
hidden stone. As cinnamon is
found in the nest of the phoenix.
The web inside the spider.
Spiderlings. Silius owned the
ground on which Virgil's tomb
stood. Linus instructed the
young Heracles in music. We
do not know what Callimachus means
by the pestle. Nature pleases
herself with Nature. As the
egg is Nature's ideal shape. As
the red tincture is a pelican.
Hermes is our conscience. Consciousness
and energy. Solomon and Hiram.
Idea and substance. Architect and
builder. The field of Rarus,
where tillage was first practiced.
The green field is chill in the mouths
of the Crab. Blue rocket, cap of Jupiter.
Monkshood, troll's cap, Apollo's plant.
Some say it sprang from Cerberus, others
from the blood that dripped as the eagle
ate Prometheus' liver. If the mushroom
alone isn't strong enough, add aconite.
Aconite to transform Berserkers into
wolves. To give the sensation of wearing
a garment of fur or feathers. Monkshood
for your flying potion. The wolves whose
head a cloven egg-shell covers. As fur is
to thief. As Achilles to his heel, so Aias
to his vulnerable side. The infant Aias
was protected everywhere Heracles' lion
skin touched him. But the quiver of
Heracles left one place exposed. Troy
could not be taken without the bow and
arrows of Heracles.