But of Ill Reports as Spiteful Sorcerers

The mule-driver shines in scarlet.
Issa is naughtier than Catullus' sparrow.
As Spartan boys were flogged at the
altar of Artemis. So many temples
rising. Temple of the scythe-bearing
Thunderer. Apollo the Embarker. Apollo,
the radiant one. With the gleam seen
from afar. Zeus hurled Sicily down
upon the giant. The Greeks considered
the Umbrians the oldest race in Italy,
being survivors of the flood. The floating
azure rocks found by the Argonauts.
More careful writers say that the Argo
was portaged on men's shoulders across
the Alps. The mountain in Arcadia on
which Mercury was born. The human form
in a star, inscribed in the pentagram.
As a Y is a forked cross. The five-leaved
plants in the better country, in which
dwell the souls passing through death to life.