Movie Trivia

Crossword Puzzle


1. Rejected Eddie Murphy movie: What's the __, Bro?!

5. "Be-Bop-__" (Gene Vincent hit).

10. Heroin (slang), as referenced in some drug films.

14. Stiff and sore (no, not porn).

15. 1991's "The __ Must Diet" & 1984's "The __ of Greenwich Village."

16. My fave American road film, 1971's "Two-__ Blacktop."

17. 1938 Betty Boop short (she worked on the subway): "Riding the __s."

18. They're blown in the winds . . .

19. Pretty Moody Blues tune: "__ life strange, a turn of the page . . . "

20. My fave Brit humorist, he created radio's Goon Show & wrote Puckoon.

22. These public exams replaced the GCE 0-level & CSE.

23. Super server.

24. Michael Douglas's "Black Rain" was shot there.

26. As a technophobe, I'm still like a computer __.

29. Plague.

32. In the olde days, theaters would run a B-movie & __ feature as a double bill.

33. In 1980, I wrote 4 ("__") romance novels in N.Y.C.

35. AKA a movie remake.

36. In some parts, Steve Carel! can really do it.

37. Their "Selling England By the Pound" is a total masterpiece of progressive rock.

40. Wed.

41. Nair rival.

43. Bradbury's semi-autobio novel about a magical 1928 summer: "Dandelion __."

44. (Popcorn?) spreads.

46. Sonora shawls.

48. Like extra Hollyfolk who get invited to private film screenings.

49. Either of 2 black & white diving birds of the genus Uria, of northern seas.

50. What Jim Carrey showed in the first "Ace Ventura."

51. The aggregate of qualities, as valor & virtue, making up good character.

53. This hilarious Theatre made brilliant albums like, "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers."

57. Always loved Neil Young's __ albums, especially from the first 20 or so years.

58. One of James Dean's only 3 major feature films.

60. Alternative to nude.

61. Since King Crimson, it's been my very fave style of music.

62. 70's progressive heavy metal group whose "Easy Livin" was in "Dog Day Afternoon": Heep.

63. Yummy flatbread consumed in East Indian films.

64. In 1933, Laurel & Hardy went to a lodge convention, in "__ of the Desert."

65. My fave Philip K. Dick book is this 1981 novel of reality-bending brilliance.

66. Like Alan Rickman in "Die Hard" & Hank Fonda in "Once Upon a Time in the West."


1. 1965 Duke Wayne/Kirk Douglas naval war drama, "In __'s Way."

2. Aficionados of Crews are acutely intelligent?

3. One drummed for Genesis, one wrote Ubik.

4. Curriculums.

5. Highest point.

6. Pertaining to part of the ear.

7. Typically unique/fun Guy Maddin film, 2006's "Brand __ the Brain!"

8. Writer of sometimes extremely disgusting (but sick fun) horror novels, Edward

9. Steve Carell was one, in "Dinner for Schmucks."

10. As far as production values go, John Water's "Serial Mom" was (this) than his earlier "Desperate Living."

11. The grandfather of indie movies, my fave films of his are "Husbands" & "Killing of a Chinese Bookie."

12. Ms. B., she was married to Mel Brooks for ages.

13. "__ Low" (2009) & "__ Him to the Greek" (2010).

21. Amanda Seyfried's face is beauty, which makes her body simply this.

22. I believe it was Gandhi who said, "__, most Tyler Perry films are shite!"

24. John Candy & Orson Welles were this, alas.

25. "__-Tough" was funny, Burt Reynolds football sleaze in 1977.

26. Plural 63 Across.

27. Richard Dawson was one in "The Running Man" & on TV.

28. Often underrated, my fave Brautigan book is the cinematic, In __ Sugar.

30. Like Dumb, or Dumber.

31. Loamy deposit.

33. Biscotti flavoring.

34. Biddy.

38. Porcelain piece.

39. Like W.C. Fields or Oliver Reed.

42. Black food & game fish, in waters along the N. Atlantic coast of the U.S. (plural).

45. An unnecessary old saw (so to speak) in horror films is that a laugh __ tension.

47. Historic leader?

48. Jennie & Brooks.

50. In "The Ten Commandments," the Commandments scene was enacted at this Mt.

51. Loathed extras in "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

52. AKA roll-on/roll-off.

53. "__ Safe" was shot in 1964 & 2000.

54. International Civil Aviation Organization.

55. "I'll get the popcorn, you __ the drinks . . ."

56. 1959 Audrey Hepburn drama, "A __ Story."

58. Term of address used to a man, esp. by a younger man, in a Brit film.

59. Levin, who wrote the novel, Rosemary's Baby.