Oyster Boy Review 05  
  September 1996
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The Edible Oyster

Gregory Vincent Saint Thomasino

Oysters appeal to the busy homemaker because of their flavor and ease of digestibility. And there's no waste, they are 100% edible. They also contain carbohydrates, which are generally lacking in most other flesh foods. The popular myth that oysters should only be eaten during the R months arose from the fact that oysters are not desirable for food during the spawning season, which lasts from May to September. However, spawning occurs at different times for different localities, and for this reason oysters are obtainable in prime quality all year round.

Never cook oysters too long, just cook them enough to heat them through. Oysters should never be left standing in the sun. Before eating, look the oysters over carefully for signs of tumors, malformations, red or black-colored excretions, and bits of shell. Probably no other food is raised under more strict government control than the oyster.

The water used in cleaning may be set aside and used for juice, broth, or as a deterrent against pesky cats, racoons, skunks, and slugs. Oysters may be purchased in the shell by the bushel, or shucked oysters by the quart or gallon.