Oyster Boy Review 05  
  September 1996
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Judith Chatowsky ("Bodily Harm" & "Late October") is a graduate of New College in Sarasota, Florida, where she studied poetry with Dr. MacArthur "Mac" Miller. Her work has appeared in New CollAge Magazine, out of Sarasota, Florida, and Grace Notes out of St. Augustine, Florida. Ms. Chatowsky currently lives in Carrboro, North Carolina, and works for the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

B. A. Fidler's ("The Concept of Dread") writing has appeared in Black Cat 115. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is inspired by 40s and 50s pulp mystery novels and film noir.

Amelia Franz ("Damascus") received her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Texas A&M University and now lives and teaches in the San Antonio area. Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Texas Review, English in Texas, The Blue Penny Quarterly, and other small magazines. With her husband Matthew, she edits Gruene Street: An Internet Journal of Prose and Poetry.

Lucy Harrison ("Just Another Night & Day") studied fiction under Harry Crews at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and now works as a Reference Librarian at Indian River Community College in Ft. Pierce. Writing Just Another Night and Day was a new experience for her, as it underwent a major re-write (at the editoris urging) and ended up with completely different plot, characters, and ending. "It's definitely better this way," she says, "but it's always hard to cut words and whole paragraphs you sweated blood to write in the first place." This is the fourth of Ms. Harrison's stories to appear in OBR. Her story Sanctuary's for the Birds, which appeared in OBR3, was named "Best On-line Fiction" by eSCENE in their 1996 anthology.

Pat MacEnulty ("The Hurricane Dance") has a Ph.D. in English from Florida State University where she was the recipient of a 1994 Dissertation Fellowship and a 1993 Kingsbury Writing Fellowship. Her poems, stories, articles, and memoirs have appeared in numerous publications. She has work in recent issues of Onionhead and Poetry Motel. She is former editor of Sun Dog: The Southeast Review.

Kevin McGowin ("That Old Patina of Love") lives, writes and teaches in and around Micanopy, Florida (once again). He is presently devoting himself to fiction, directing and dramatic writing, and has recently published poetic criticism in Critical Matrix and contributed a chapter to a book on poet Martha Moulsworth at Princeton University Press. Mr. McGowin is acting Artistic Director for a newly-formed theater group; and a hypertext of his recent photo essay and random spoken word bytes on Historic Micanopy should be on the net by December or early January. He's been in every issue of OBR so far, and is damn glad of it.

David Lee Parker ("Lucy") grew up in and around Bryson City and Brevard, North Carolina. He now lives in Carrboro, North Carolina. When not with his family, at work, asleep, or mowing the lawn, Mr. Parker is usually reading books (lately, Tacitus and Melville) or sitting in a chair, writing on a legal pad.

Jon Powell's ("Aubade" & "Minimal Evening" & "While Some Get Free, Some Get Screwed" & "Filling in the Barrow Pit") writing has appeared in New Laurel Review, In Earnest, Noospaper, Black Bear Review, Negative Capability, and a few others. Mr. Powell's work has also appeared in The Maple Leaf Rag 15th Anniversary Anthology and has poems forthcoming in Children, Churches, and Daddies and El Locofoco.

C. C. Russell ("Still Life with Tilt") is currently a student, convenience store clerk, and editor of The Owen Wister Review. He finds he has very little free time to think anymore. Mr. Russellis poems have appeared in countless little magazines across America and Canada. Still Life with Tilt is his first published story.

Gregory Vincent Saint Thomasino ("The Edible Oyster") was educated at Fordham University. He has published a short novel, Linda or Lydia, and three volumes of poetry including Go which this year has been reprinted by Aditi Theatre in the ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia. A compilation of his work, entitled Stay This Wave, will appear later this year. He read about OBR in a recent issue of Cotton Gin. Mr. Saint Thomasino lives in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Lynn Saylor ("Untitled") lives in Gainesville, Florida.

Tom Schaller ("The Full Story") is a freelance writer living in Athens, Ohio.