Oyster Boy Review 13  
  Summer 2001
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» Levee 67



Zoë Francesca
» 'Serpent' by Nicholas Mosley

Larry Johnson
» 'The Love-Artist' by Jane Alison

Lindsay Martell
» Amor Eterno by Patricia Preciado Martin

Kevin McGowin
» 'The Body Artist' by Don DeLillo
» 'The Dying Animal' by Philip Roth


Jeffery Beam
» Keith Aldritt's The Poet as Spy: The Life and Wild Times of Basil Bunting
» Cappellazzo & Licata's In Company: Robert Creeley's Collaborations
» The Objectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics' by Rachel Blau DuPlessis & Peter Quartermain, editors
» Luminous Debris: Reflecting on Vestige in Provence and Languedoc' by Gustaf Sobin

Kevin McGowin
» 'Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan' by Howard Sounes


Jeffery Beam
» Cid Corman's Nothing Doing
» Dan Gerber's Trying to Catch the Horses
» 'Illume' by Andrea Rosenberg

J. W. Bonner
» 'Rain Mirror' by Michael McClure

Jim Cory
» 'At Dusk Iridescent: A Gathering of Poems, 1972-1977' by Thomas Meyer

Miles Efron
» 'Wherever' by Kevin Bezner

Zoë Francesca
» 'Mixing Cement' by Peter Tomassi

Mark Hornburg
» 'Before It's Light' by Lyn Lifshin

M. A. Roberts
» 'Once in Vermont' by Bob Arnold
» The Poetry of Benjamin Saltman

Robert West
» 'Of Moment' by Jonathan Greene
» 'Silent Treatment' by Lisa Lewis
» 'Blizzard of One' & 'The Weather of Words' by Mark Strand