Oyster Boy Review 14  
  Winter 2001
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I am in Love with Language

Alan Sondheim

I am in love with Language,
Mouthing's all I have
That inherently forms of Gauge
A measure of Soul or Salve

The shadowless Norm or Verb
Spatters the Landscape of motion
Where Drives inscribe the Kerb
Of Name and Revelation

Describing further creates
A Blind of Attributes
Transformed by Men and Fates
Inscribed through Institutes

Let Nothing hurtle towards
Hurdles across the Sound
Constrained by mouthed Retorts
Quicksand beneath the Ground

Let Nothing gyre and turn
Across the Platitudes
Whole Worlds on fire burn
In wayward Latitudes

Mouthing's Telos cries
And Clara constitutes
Ships and countermands
Inscribing Institutes

And Clara constitutes
Black Freighters, real Beauts