Oyster Boy Review 14  
  Winter 2001
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» Oyster Boy Review
» Levee 67


Poetry Annual

Louis Adame
» School Days, 1977

Ron Bayes
» Courtyard
» The Last Hours of Prince Illyricus
» Politics

Collin Bunting
» Motive

George Elliott Clarke
» I.iii
» I.v
» I.vii

C. A. Conrad
» When Frank Breaks into Your House
» Frank and his Wife

Jim Cory
» Iron Kettle
» Of Pyrus communis

Thomas Rain Crowe
» Back Nets

Jim DeWitt
» Because I Wanted To

Jim Dewitt
» Utterly Hushed

Sophie Drew
» Three Bath-tub Poems

G. G. Gach & C. H. Kwock
» Three Songs of Xanadu Made New

Ricky Garni
» Class Notes
» Requiem for the Common Man, Or Fanfare of the Common Man, Or Possibly, Laundry

Dan Gerber
» Contemplating My Reflection in a Puddle on the Last Day of the 20th Century

Will Inman
» A Late Tatter of Eden
» Deep in Under, Out in Air

George Kalamaras
» The Birds Cannot Disappear
» A Temple Pool Might Ignite Lotus-Blood from Your Heart

Janet Lembke
» One
» Zero

Joseph Massey
» Center of a Room

Alan Sondheim
» My Medical Expert System
» I am in Love with Language

Shelby Stephenson
» Billy
» For the Birds